Since 2007, we have been providing the DFW Metroplex and its suburbs with our complete dog waste removal service.  We really have Dallas by the tail!

What do we doo?

It’s simple – we come out to your home once or twice a week, whichever you prefer, and then find, scoop, and haul away the dog waste.  We charge your credit card or bill through the mail / email once a month, and you can stop service at any time.

We keep a good sense of humor about what we doo (“our business is picking up”, “we’re # 1 in the # 2 business”, “my backyard is hounding me”…)  But rest assured we’re completely serious when it comes to keeping your yard green and your shoes clean!

  • Since 2007, we have been licensed, bonded and insured. A copy of all certificates will be made available to you upon your request.
  • Our tools and boots are sanitized with an EPA approved parvocide & disinfectant. While we do disinfectant kennels and dog runs, we do not “disinfect” yards or apply chemicals to your lawn in any way.  In 3 years of experience, no available product will penetrate deeply enough to do any real good, and we do not want clients to spend money on products claiming otherwise.
  • YOUR GATE WILL BE CLOSED COMPLETELY WHEN WE COME & GO. One of the most frequent questions we receive is, will we make sure the gate is closed.  Of course we will check that is done – twice.  We are all dog owners and lovers here.  The last thing we want to risk is your children or dogs getting out.
  • We work in all weather. We may run late if there’s lightening – our tools are metal so we stay indoors until it is safe to resume our dog waste removal work.
  • We send the same person to your home every week. It is important to build a relationship with our clients, their family and pets.  So you will see the same smiling face each and every week (and go ahead and let your dogs out to say “hello” to us – it’s the biggest perk to the job!)
  • A door hanger will be left after each pooper scooper cleaning so you can easily know DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal Service has cleaned your yard.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. While it’s very rare that a customer isn’t satisfied, mistakes can happen.  Just call or email us within 24 hours of your cleanings and we will come back out and re-scoop your yard.
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