Pet Events And Charities

Dallas Pet Events and Charities

1.  Southlake OktoberFest. this is the link to the page and this is the link to the video.

2.  Barktoberfest 2010
October 23rd, Frisco Commons Park, Noon – 4:00 p.m.

3.  11th Annual Halloween Spooltacular
On Saturday, October 23, 2010 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association will be hosting the 11th Annual Halloween Spooktacular for the residents in our community.  This event will take place at the Stonebridge Ranch Beach & Tennis Club located at 6203 Virginia Parkway in McKinney.  Approximately 1,000 children and adults come dressed as ghosts and goblins to this event each year.

4.  Barktoberfest Fort Worth

5.  Texas Pet Expo
The Texas Pet Expo is an event for the entire family. This year’s event will be a fantastic 2-Day show! Doors will be open Saturday thru Sunday, November 6th & 7th, 2010 at the Plano Centre in Plano, TX. The Plano Centre is conveniently located off of Hwy 75 and Spring Creek Pkwy.

Local Animal Rescues

Dallas Local Animal Rescues/SheltersA Different Breed Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 600278
Dallas, TX 75360
214 446-0553

Animal Adoption Center of Garland
117 North Garland Ave
Garland, TX 75040
972 494-KIND Directions

Dog & Kitty City
2719 Manor Way
Dallas, TX 75235
214 855-7600

East Lake Pet Orphanage
10101 E. Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75238
214 349-ELPO

Forney Road Animal Shelter
8414 Forney Road
Dallas, TX 75227
214 670-8246

Lexee’s Legacy
1437 Halsey Way
Carrollton, TX 75007
972 245-0900

Oak Cliff Animal Shelter
525 Shelter Place Drive
Dallas, TX 75203
(214) 670-6848

Operation Kindness
3201 Earhart Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006
972 418-PAWS

The DFW Humane Society
1611 West Irving Blvd
Irving, TX 75061
972 253-3333      Directions

Hound Dogs

Dog Breed Information – Hound Class

The hound dog is well known for its’ hunting abilities, but it can also make a great pet. These animals are among the longest lasting breed of dogs in the world. They have been dominating the hunting dog category for a long time. They are categorized into two groups: sight and scent hounds.

The former tend to be extremely quick, and they hunt their prey entirely with their eyes. A popular example is the greyhound, the fastest dog in the world. This is the breed that is primarily used for racing.

The scent hounds rely on their sense of smell, and are generally much slower. Popular examples are the bloodhound, beagles, and foxhounds. Bloodhounds are generally the kind that are used by police for tracing criminals or people who are missing. However, there are mixed breeds that work with both senses. Finally, certain kinds of them hunt by digging.

These are the ones that target animals that live underground. However, most of them are traditional field hunters.
There are many different breeds of hounds within each subcategory. Regardless of the method, the main link between all of them is their ability to hunt.

How does it hunt? It helps the hunter by actually going out and killing the animal being targeted. Some dogs tend to track the animal after it has been shot, and some are better for simply helping the hunter find the animal to shoot it. However, hounds generally will kill the animal themselves, or at least wound it enough to allow the hunter to finish it off.

How big are they? They come in all different sizes. They range from being very tall and thin to shorter and stockier.

However, are they good pets? Yes they are. Many people think hounds are just for hunting, but this is not true. Most do adapt quite well to the home. However, keep in mind that they are extremely energetic, and particularly the sight hounds. They require exercise all the time. After all, they are by nature hunting dogs.

They have so much energy that it is often hard to leave them for long periods of time. However, with certain sight hounds this is okay. Just make sure you exercise them before you leave and after you get back. If you have to go to a job every day, make sure to take them for a walk before you go and after you get home.

Which are the best pets? Beagles are among the top ones. They are awesome around kids, and while extremely energetic, tend to be relatively tame.

However, keep in mind that they are harder to train, simply since they tend to be more independent. You might have to hire someone for this. There are many more breeds to consider. However, if you are unfamiliar with hounds, start with the beagle.

The bottom line is, the hound dog is an excellent animal, whether you want them for hunting or just a pet. You can find them online or offline. However, you will find a greater selection online.

Herding Dogs

Dog Breed Information – Herding Class

A herding dog is a type of dog that is mainly used on farms for guarding and moving livestock between the fields. The herding dog is especially noted for its trainability and intelligence. This type of dog is often called a stock dog or a pastoral dog that has received training in herding; they have acquired the ability to react to a whistle sound or a particular word of command.

Herding dogs in the US, New Zealand and Australia are also called working dogs. Some of the herding breeds function well with all animals, while a few are especially bred to work well with particular types of animals. They have adopted special working styles or have developed certain physical characteristics for handling these animals. The most frequently mustered animals are sheep, cattle, deer and goats, although at times poultry is also seen to be controlled by these dogs. Australia houses the biggest sheep stations and cattle stations in the universe and it is no wonder that the best breeds of herding dogs are to be found here.

Dogs are able to work with various animals in many ways. The Australian Cattle Dog usually nips the heels of the animals and is known as a heeler. Historically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi helped move cattle from the Wales to London’s Smithfield Market. The fetching dogs or headers help maintain livestock within a group. For stopping or controlling the animal’s movement, these dogs go up to the front or the head of an animal. The driving dogs or heelers usually push animals forward. For mustering the mobs of sheep, the New Zealand Huntaway makes use of its deep, loud bark. Other forms of herding dog include Australian Kelpie, Australian Shepherd and Welsh Sheepdog. The herding trait is a modified form of predatory behavior. Man has been successful in minimizing the natural inclination of dog to treat sheep and cattle as prey by selective breeding, while at the same time effectively retaining a dog’s natural hunting skills, thus producing an efficient herding dog.

Certain breeds are kept as pets on account of their beauty and intelligence. The Border Collie and Bearded Collie are such examples. However, problems crop up when their herding instincts come to the surface and these dogs bump people or nip at their heels. A cattle herding dog that is well trained and has a fixed schedule as well as working activities can make for a wonderful family pet. Herding breeds have to be kept stimulated mentally for avoiding behavior problems.

Get to learn the fundamental commands for this variety of dog. Teach the dog skills of sitting, staying and coming and also the basic obedience skills. Some basic commands for the herding dog include “away to me” to go right or counterclockwise around the stock, and “come-bye” or go left or clockwise around the stock. Provide the dog more scope to make use of its skills by getting it enrolled in different competitions or special classes and courses.

Dog Parks

Dog Parks near Dallas, Southlake, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Allen | Dog Walk Play Parks


Dog Parks in the DFW Metroplex

White Rock Lake Dog Park, Dallas

Bark Park Central, Dallas

Dog Park at Jack Carter Park in Plano

Arlington, RUFF

Fort “Woof” Dog Park

Paw Pals of Grand Prairie

BooBoo’s Buddies Dog Park, Southlake

Addison Les Lacs Linear Dog Park

Denton Lake Forest Dog Park

Grand Prairie Dog Park

North Richland Hills Tipps Canine Hollow

Doggy Resource Guide

Dallas Fort Worth Dog Resource Guide

Local Laws and Ordinances that Affect Dog Owners

  • Licensing Laws – Texas state law requires that all animals over four months in age must be vaccinated against rabies. Some cities also require that the animal be licensed and registered. Because each municipality is allowed to determine licensing fees, the cost will vary from one area to the next. Click on your city’s link to see its registration fee or call your local Animal Control Department. Plano, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Denton, Carrollton, Dallas, Coppell.
  • Leash Laws – Although state laws only require that dogs known to be dangerous must be on a leash, Plano, McKinney, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony, Euless, Dallas, Irving, and Coppell require that all dogs must be on a leash of six feet or less when off of their owner’s property.
  • Pooper Scooper Laws – Plano, McKinney, Fort Worth, Denton, Carrollton, Dallas, and Coppell require that owners remove all waste left behind by their dog(s) in a safe and sanitary manner. Failure to do so is considered a class C felony and will be subject to a fine.
  • Limit Laws – Irving, Dallas, and McKinney each enforce a four-dog limit to any one owner. In Carrollton the limit is only two dogs within city limits; the limit in all other areas of Carrollton is three dogs.

Dog Parks and Dog Park Support Organizations

  • Two acres along the Bluebonnet Trail are dedicated to the Jack Carter Dog Park, which is at this time the only off-leash dog park available in Plano.  Owners are allowed to bring up to three dogs provided they clean up any waste and abide by all park rules.
  • Fort Woof Dog Park is the first dog park in Fort Worth, Texas and features five acres of off-leash areas for both large and small dogs. The “Walk A Dog” site offers helpful tips for dealing with dog waste while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Lake Forest Dog Park in Denton offers large areas for both large and small dogs. Check out this site for a complete list of park rules to help ensure everyone’s safety and fun.
  • White Rock Lake Dog Park in Dallas offers your pet the chance to play, socialize, and even swim! Also check out their website for a list of adoptable pets in the area.
  • The Paw Pals of Grand Prairie offers a beautiful dog park in the Grand Prairie area. The site also offers tips on how to make a visit to the dog park enjoyable for everyone and a feedback area where patrons can make suggestions.
  • Tipps Canine Hollow at Northfield Park has three acres of fenced off-leash areas. Visit this site for a complete list of park rules and hours.
  • Boo Boo’s Buddies is a relatively new off-leash dog park in Southlake, Texas. It was founded by Jan Ekonomy in honor of her sister Nancy, who passed away in 2001. Visit this website to read the whole story and to read about upcoming news and events in the park.
  • Responsible Unleashed Fun for Fido (RUFF) is a non profit organization dedicated to the founding of off-leash dog parks in the Arlington, Texas area. The members of  RUFF  believe that having an area for people to come and responsibly spend time with their pets will help to decrease the number of dogs given up for adoption each year.

Humane Societies and Animal Shelters

  • Animal Rescue Klub rescues dogs and cats from overcrowded animal shelters to be placed in foster homes until they are adopted. The volunteer-run organization promotes spaying and neutering as the best solution to the rising number of homeless pets.
  • The Second Chance SPCA in Plano, Texas is operated primarily by volunteers and stands by a “no-kill” policy on all animals in their shelter. In addition to adoption opportunities, Second Chance offers public education programs on animal care and hosts various fund-raising events throughout the year.
  • A Different Breed Animal Rescue seeks to resolve the reason for so many overcrowded animal shelters. They believe that the solution to the excess pet population lies in educating the public on the benefits of spaying/neutering pets and other aspects of pet care.
  • Dog & Kitty City, founded by the Humane Society in Dallas, enforces a firm no-kill policy. Visit this site to find out more about adopting a pet or being a foster family.
  • Lexee’s Legacy is a volunteer-operated, no-kill animal shelter founded in 2000. Since then they have been able to place more than 600 animals in loving homes.
  • Operation Kindness was founded in 1976, making it the oldest and largest rescue shelter in the North Texas area committed to never killing one animal to make room for another. In addition to adoption and fostering opportunities, Operation Kindness also operates a spay/neuter and micro-chipping clinic.
  • The DFW Humane Society offers dogs and cats a second chance in a loving, safe environment. This shelter also operates under a no-kill policy.
  • The Humane Society of North Texas offers a variety of programs designed to increase public awareness of issues such as overcrowded pet shelters and their innovative K911 Emergency Rescue program which offers aid to any injured animal, twenty-four hours a day. On their website, you can also view the animals they have available for adoption.

Other Dog Organizations and Ideas That We Support

  • Plano’s Animal Services Department hosts the Paw Prints Newsletter and Officer Buckey’s Paws for Thought which offers tips for pet care and fun during various holidays and seasons.
  • The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) sponsors a program called “DOO the Right Thing.” Visit this website to learn about the impact of dog waste in your neighborhood and what you can do to help.
  • The Animal Rescue League (ARL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless animals and sick animals in the North Texas area. Their website offers a wealth of information on local adoption agencies, pet care, and the benefits of spaying/neutering pets.
  • offers alternate solutions for pet owners who feel that they must give up their pet for various reasons. This website seeks to help owners solve these problems so that their pets can remain as valued members of their family.

DoodyCalls: The Poop Scoop Service Fort Worth Residents Can Depend On

DoodyCalls is the best poop scoop service Fort Worth has to offer. This respected company has been providing superior service to customers in the DFW Metroplex area since 2007. DoodyCalls upholds the highest professional standards and is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Dog Waste Hazards

In addition to being an unsightly mess and causing an unpleasant odor, dog droppings carry some serious health risks. The fecal matter of dogs has been known to carry diseases and parasites such as heartworms, tapeworms, parvo and salmonellosis. Dogs can contract these diseases and parasites by eating feces or by simply stepping in contaminated droppings. Extremely high levels of bacteria are also present in dog feces. These problems can affect adult humans as well, but young children are even more susceptible to pet-borne illnesses due to their weaker immune systems.

Services Offered

Several franchised locations of DoodyCalls are open to serve customers. Apartments, living communities and other standard homes can easily be sanitized. One-time dog waste cleaning services as well as weekly, twice weekly, every other week and once a month cleanings can easily be arranged. All scooping tools are carefully sanitized before each cleaning in order to prevent the spread of parasites and diseases. Pooper scooper professionals are available to clean and deodorize yards, decks, patios and dog kennels. Even kitty litter boxes can be changed. Full customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. These services also do not require customers to sign any contracts.

Reasons for Hiring DoodyCalls

The professionals at DoodyCalls are highly trained and experienced in removing dog waste. Effective methods are employed in order to ensure the best cleaning services possible. Hiring these professionals is ideal for individuals who lead busy lives and do not have the time to thoroughly remove dog feces themselves. Dog owners who own multiple dogs may find it difficult to keep up with the task of cleaning up their pets’ waste on a regular basis. Plus, many people find the cleaning of dog feces to be an unpleasant task and may put off removing these potentially hazardous droppings. Hiring the seasoned scoopers at DoodyCalls saves people the hassle and stress of having to clean up after their dogs.

Stations and Waste Bags

DoodyCalls also offers pet waste stations and waste bags for sale. These items are ideal for living communities and homeowners’ associations who want to keep their grounds clean. Durable waste stations can hold large amounts of waste and are guaranteed not to rust. Bags are easy to use and are designed to fit any type of litter dispenser station.

DoodyCalls is always available to provide exemplary service to customers who live in the DFW Metroplex area. The company can be reached by telephone at 1-800-DoodyCalls. More information is also available at

Pooper Scooper Service in McKinney Can Make Your Life Stress-free & Sanitary

If you are dog owner with a busy schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the grueling task of the pooper scooper. With leash laws in place, your dog is not free to roam and when going on walks, the responsible owner must pick up after their companion pet. When it comes to your yard, excessive excrement can make the lawn and garden an unpleasant place to be as you tiptoe through the grass. A service of pooper scooper in McKinney can ensure that your yard is maintained as a safe and clean place for the family to enjoy.

The DoodyCalls pooper scooper service has been around, licensed and insured since 2007. It is economical and comparable to other services in your area and offers the price match guarantee; if you find the same service at a cheaper rate, they will honor that cost or beat it. Contracts with them may entail one or two visits per week to find, scoop and haul away your dog’s waste. How often they come depends on your needs and requirements.

The best tools of the trade are used to be sure everything is done in the most sanitary way as possible. The tools and boots worn are cleaned with the best EPA approved disinfectant. Dog kennels and dog runs are also cleaned up, deodorized and disinfected although no chemicals are ever applied to your lawn and yard.

After completing the pooper scooper clean up in McKinney, a door hanger is left to alert you that the service was performed, and we are adamant about closing all gates and/or locks, leaving your premises as they were before our arrival. Service is provided as promised weekly, rain or shine and to make the experience more personal, the same person assigned to your address will continue all subsequent visits. All technicians that perform the services are professional, well-mannered and friendly. The DoodyCalls pooper scooper service is 100 per cent guaranteed.

Services are not only for the single-family home owner but anyone in a community with common grounds that may have a problem with dog excrement. That could include a homeowners association, apartment complexes, condominiums and associations responsible for maintaining the lawns and exteriors of the properties.

Whether you are too busy to keep up with cleaning up after your dog or it is just not your favorite duty in doggy care, a pooper scooper service in McKinney can make your life a whole lot easier. Dog feces is not only messy and smelly, it can cause disease and attract parasites. Frequent and regular maintenance makes for a cleaner environment for yourself, your family and your dog. DoodyCalls is proud of the guaranteed, sanitary services that are provided to all clients who are invaluable to the success of the service.

Scheduling and billing are made easy once you have contracted the pooper scooper service. After an initial consultation, a day or days of service are contracted with you the customer that are carried out without fail. Either a notice of payment will be executed monthly through the mail or an email or you will be charged automatically on your credit card if that is your choice of payment. You can change or stop the service at any time.

No More Doody Duty Near Carrollton

Are you tired of following your dog around with a plastic bag? After a long day at work the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up after your pet. If you have an HOA you probably are required to remove all pet waste from public paths as well as your own lawn. Even if you do not have to abide by community rules, nothing is worse than stepping in a ‘present’ left by your dog or cat.

Have you considered a professional service for pet waste removal? If you live in or near Carrolton, DoodyCalls is ready to serve you. This company will come to apartment communities as well as private residences. DoodyCalls also works with apartment and planned community managers. Their professionals can help you determine exactly which service will fill your needs.

For residential homeowners DoodyCalls has a wide variety of services that covers everything from a one-time pick up to a twice a week service. You may choose the frequency that works best for you. There is no required contract but a discount is offered for those customers wanting to use the service for several months or longer. Friendly workers are always in easily identifiable uniforms. To help prevent the spread of parasites and disease, all tools and equipment are disinfected after each use.

Apartments and communities are provided services including cleaning treatment of all common areas. This trusted company will help you plan a doggie park and place doggie waste stations in strategic places. These stations include covered waste cans and bags and are compliant with local pet ordinances. Managers of apartment complexes often make use of the community education component. DoodyCalls employees can explain to residents the necessity of keeping pet waste under control.

If you are a cat owner, DoodyCalls can assist you in litter box cleanup. A worker will come to your home once each week to clean and replace your litter box. This is a must for pregnant women and is also a great option for cat owners who travel or find it difficult to change their cat’s litter regularly.

DoodyCalls sends fully insured uniformed workers to your home. They not only bag pet waste but remove it from your property completely. Dog kennels can be cleaned with a pet-safe enzyme deodorizer. If you are not completely satisfied with their service they will send a team out to re-clean your yard.

The company website offers pet waste bags and plastic mitts in bulk. These items are and the bags will fit in any size holder. Always supporting the environment, the deodorizers are also safe for your pets and yard. If your pet’s doody calls in the Carrolton area, DoodyCalls is the professional company for you.

Pet Waste Removal in Carrollton, Texas

Pet waste removal has become easy in Carrollton, Texas! That is because has begun servicing this area. Why is it important to remove dog waste in public areas and private yards? There are many good reasons to keep dog poo picked up, whether it is your dog’s droppings or dog droppings in public areas. Our pet waste disposal services offer help whether it be for public or private customers.

Nobody wants dog feces in their yard. Nobody wants to walk in dog poo in public, either. While you are a responsible pet owner, many are not. If you are reading this, you are interested in keeping your grounds clean from animal waste. has the answers you many need for a clean, healthy yard or grounds around your business or apartment building.

If you are an apartment manager or manage the grounds in any way where a dog may be permitted to interact with the public, you will probably have the dubious responsibility of cleaning dog waste from sidewalks, pool sides or public lawns. Dog waste is smelly, disgusting and can attract other unwanted pests such as rats and insects. Unseen problems may also arise as diseases can be spread from animal waste. Diseases can spread between dogs and other animals, causing heartbreak and expense to pet owners. Plus, nobody wants to live in apartments or parks littered in dog poop. Whipworms, heartworms, parvovirus and roundworms are a few of the parasites that can be found in dog waste. Curing a dog of a parasite infection that was picked up in a public area is expensive and can sometimes be deadly to the animal. Some parasites such as roundworms, can be transmitted to children as well.

Thankfully, Dallas Dog Doody can help the manager of public places keep grounds clean and disease free. Dallas Dog Doody can help! We have many solutions to keep animal waste cleaned up and prevent the spread of disease. We can schedule our service to pick up your grounds and/or provide groundskeepers with the necessary plans to implement pet waste removal on your grounds. Pet waste stations will encourage people using your grounds to keep their pet poo cleaned up.

But, even though there are laws prohibiting dog waste in public places, sometimes people just don’t care. They think that someone else will clean up after their pet. That’s where we come in. No matter how you choose to deal with dog dooty removal, we can find a way to keep your grounds clean and disease free. Plus, Dallas Dog Dooty removes the pet waste from public areas in Dallas and the surrounding areas including Carrollton. Contact us today for suggestions on keeping apartment, park and other public areas free of dog waste and disease.