Advantages Of Hiring A Pooper Scooper Service

Dogs are great as pets but they can leave a nasty mess behind. In fact, dog doody is smelly, corrosive and filled with parasites and dangerous bacteria. Leaving it behind on grass can cause corrosive burns on grass, water contamination and even bacterial skin and body infections. For this reason, all neighborhoods insist on pet owners cleaning up after the pet has done his job. However, this is not really possible for busy people. Your pet has to be walked frequently so that he can do his job outside and most of us don’t really have the time for it. As a result, if you are a single parent, if you work fulltime, or if you are a senior citizen, you should actively consider hiring a dog walker cum pooper scooper service to help you out.

Advantages of a local dog walking / scooping service

1. Local companies will offer the best rates for walking your dog and cleaning up after him. For example, some companies offer a weekly, bi — weekly or even daily walking and clean-up service at affordable rates. If you have a yard, the company may also offer a service by which they will clean up the yard every week of dog turds and walk your dog as well. The individual rates will vary and you can get quotes from two to three agents to get the best rate.
2. Most agents use environmental friendly chemicals to clean up after your pet. The EPA has stated that dog droppings contain more than 23 million fecal bacteria that can cause a range of infections in children and other pets. It is possible that your pet will track small amounts of waste into your home. A professional service will prevent all that. Along with scooping up after your pet, they will also disinfect any areas inside the house, on shoes and clothing to ensure that the dog waste is not tracked back into the house.
3. A professional service will also be able to track the condition of your dog. For example, a scooping service will note the condition of dog waste and let you know any serious complications that they see. This is particularly useful in the case of worm infections and bleeding stools. The company will be able to track such changes early and you will be able to care for your pet faster.
4. Cleaning services will also remove pet excrement and prevent your pet from eating it. Unfortunately, dogs do have a habit of eating their own turds and this can be quite dangerous. With a good cleaning company, waste can be removed quickly and the area is sterilized quickly as well preventing the habit completely.

Choose a local pooper scooper Frisco services that will exercise your pet or dog and follow local rules and regulations regarding dog poop disposal. Local companies will also be reliable and affordable and they will be able to visit your home to walk your pet two or three times in a day.

Pet Waste Disposal, Keller Can Clean Your Pet’s Poop

Pets can bring great joy to their owners. They are also a big responsibility. They must be fed and taken care of properly. When you feed your pets, they poop. If you don’t feed your pets, they will die. Since it is obvious that they must be fed regularly, you will need to clean up after them when they poop. Pet waste disposal, Keller can help you dispose of your pet’s poop.

When you adopted your pet, you may not have realized that you were going have to clean poop from the yard. After stepping in a pile of poop for the first time, you probably realized that you were going to need to clean your yard on a regular basis.

Some people find this to be a really disgusting task, and they would prefer not to do it themselves. If you are one of those people, you need pet waste disposal services. DoodyCalls is the company you are looking for. We will send a professional to your house to clean up your dog’s mess. We can clean your yard on an ongoing basis or a one time basis. If you need ongoing service, you can choose from monthly or weekly packages.

Give us a try. We are sure that you will be happy with the services your receive; however, if you find that you were disappointed for some reason, give us a call. Let us know what made you unhappy, and we will send a staff member back to your home to fix the problem. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Does your dog spend a lot of time on your porch or patio? If so, there may be a foul smell over time. You may have unsuccessfully tried to get rid of the odor. DoodyCalls can help with that as well. We can clean, sanitize and deodorize your porch or patio for only a small additional fee. After the first cleaning, the odor may still be clinging to the porch. It may take a few cleanings before the odor is completely gone.

Dogs aren’t the only animals we clean up after. If you have a cat, we can assist in cleaning up behind it as well. If you have an inside cat, the litter box must be cleaned on a daily basis. Not only does the poop need to be scooped, but the litter box also needs to be washed each week, and clean litter needs to be added to the box. Some people cannot handle such a disgusting task. They can stand to scoop the litter, but they often can’t stand cleaning the box because there is often poop and pee stuck to the bottom of the litter box. DootyCalls can help. If you can scoop the poop from the litter box daily, we can bring you a clean box each week and take the dirty one off your hands.

Pets are a big responsibility. If you need help with the dirty work, give us a call. We will be happy to do the yucky job for you.

The Most Trusted Pooper Scooper Service Frisco: Doodycalls

One of the many responsibilities that a dog owner finds least pleasant to do is the cleaning up. Everybody knows that a dog’s poop is so smelly and so tedious to clean up. If you do not have the time nor the patience to clean up after your beloved furry friend, you do not have to worry because you can always call Doodycalls, the best pooper scooper Frisco.

Doodycalls lets you wash your hands off the whole clean up business so that your lawn stays clean and safe for you, your pet, and your entire family. This company has been in operations since 2007 and has been one of the most trusted pet waste removal services in the entire Texas region. There are many reasons why this company has been very successful in keeping their loyal customers and in steadily growing their client base.

One of the reasons is that Doodycalls employs friendly and highly skilled technicians who make sure that they get the clean up job done. You will know it is them because they are always in uniform and they are always ready to greet you and your pets with a warm and happy smile. This company believes that it is important to establish a strong bond between their pooper scoopers and their clients so they make sure to send the same technician to your home every week. They are highly trained in terms of security as well so they can assure you that they open and close your gate as they go. They will leave a sign on your door when they are done so that you know that they have been there.

This company puts a premium on excellent, quality service. So they only use equipment that are sanitized with an EPA approved parvocide and disinfectant. For this reason, they will be able to thoroughly clean kennels and dog runs without applying harmful chemicals to your lawn in any way. Another advantage of this is that it eliminates the possibility of spreading parasites and diseases from one household to another. Doodycalls likes to go beyond the call of duty. So apart from cleaning your yard, they also clean and deodorize decks and patios. Their technicians work in all-weather conditions meaning that they scoop the poop in your yard whether it is sunny outside or raining. There will just be a slight delay in cases when lightning strikes because it might affect their metal tools. They will just have to wait indoors until the rain stops.

Doodycalls wants to give you the best value for your money so they offer a price beat guarantee. Should you find another pooper scooper service that offers lower prices, they will beat it and go even lower. With their promise of 100% satisfaction guarantee you can always call them back to finish the job in the rare cases that you are not completely satisfied. Doodycalls is committed to making your life easier and more enjoyable by giving you more time to do other more important things while they clean up after your dog.

Hire The Pet Waste Eliminator Ft Worth Residents Trust

Cleaning up after a furry friend is one job that most pet owners wouldn’t mind living without. That’s where we come in. As a pet waste eliminator Ft Worth residents can trust, we take the mess out of pet clean up. We are skilled at scooping up the stinky messes made by your beloved animal companions.

Keeping Clean

Keeping yards green and clean is our priority. When you choose our service, we will come to your home and scoop up the goods from the property. Then we simply haul it off with us, so you don’t even need to think about it. You save time, avoid having to do an unpleasant chore, and keep your yard clean in a way that is both easy and affordable.

Not only is pet waste on a property a nuisance, but it’s also a health hazard. No one likes accidentally stepping into a smelly pile and getting it stuck on the bottom of their shoes. Keeping up with the mess takes time, and it’s a regular chore that pet owners have to take into consideration. If you are already a busy person, this can be just one more annoying task added to an already lengthy to-do list.

Why Schedule Scooping With Us

As a company that has been providing pet waste cleanup services since 2007, we have the skills and experience necessary for the job. We take the task of pet waste elimination seriously. Simply choose to have us come to your home one or two times each week, and we’ll clean up the doody from your yard.

Our pooper scooper crew members will always be dressed in uniform when they show up to get the work done. You can feel secure knowing the same individual will come to your property for every appointment. Customers choose to have our service come by once a month, once a week, twice a week, every other week, or even just on one occasion.

How It Works

Customers do not have to sign any contracts in order to take advantage of our services. When we come to the home, we will pick up the pet waste using clean, sanitized equipment. We take the waste away, so you don’t have to worry about having it hanging out in your trash cans. Once the waste is gone, you don’t have to think about it anymore.

We will also deodorize your patio or deck. If you have a dog run or a kennel, we will clean those areas up as well. Rest assured that your property will be fresh and clean after our technicians take care of it. All equipment and tools are disinfected and sanitized so that there is no risk of contamination or the spreading of bacteria and parasites.

Don’t let dog doo messes be a nuisance in your life any longer. Contact us, and let our skilled removal technicians keep your yard clean. For the best pet waste elimination services in Ft Worth, trust our team at DoodyCalls to get the job done.

Dog Waste Removal Helps You Enjoy Your Dog

If you are like most dog owners, there is virtually nothing you wouldn’t do for your much-loved dog, but clearing up his waste sometimes seems like one step too far. Yet, at the same time you know that dog waste removal is essential, not just for the health of your dog and your family, but also for the wellbeing of your neighborhood and community. So when you find there is someone in your locality who will relieve you of this chore, it may seem like an answer to prayer.

It’s likely that you are happy to allow your dog — or dogs, if you have more than one — to run around your yard, for extra exercise when the weather’s fine. Of course, when they need to do their stuff, you have probably trained them to use a particular corner of the yard, but what happens then?

What happens, if you just leave it there, is that it will turn into the biggest health risk for both your dog and your family in your entire environment. It’s a risk to your dog because, unfortunately, dogs don’t just leave this stuff alone. They smell it, play in it, roll in it, and even eat it — and if you don’t want them to do this, you have to remove it pretty promptly. The fact that it has been allowed to fester for just a few days means the dogs can pick up serious infections, like hookworm and roundworm, from bacteria that have been breeding in it, and this not only means suffering for the dog, but hefty vet bills for you as well.

It’s bad enough for your dog to get sick, but what about your children? Do they play in the yard too? If so, do you have any means of fencing them off from the dogs’ business area? Almost certainly not!

If your children have access to the area, you need to be aware that just one single gram of dog waste contains up to 23 million coliform bacteria — which causes many serious illnesses, including kidney infections — as well as E-coli and salmonella. In fact, simply breathing the air around the deposits can result in infection. Meanwhile, the deposits provide an ideal place for flies to lay their eggs, producing many more flies, which carry the infections into your home, crawling on your counters, tables and food.

So, if you cannot leave the waste material there, what are you going to do with it? It certainly won’t fertilize your garden — unlike horse manure, it contains so many bacteria that it will actually kill your plants. You have two options. You remove it yourself — but where do you take it? Or, you use a dog waste disposal service like DoodyCalls.

You may have been hesitating about pet waste removal because you are worried about strangers on your property. However, one of the things that make DoodyCalls different is that they ensure that the same operator calls every time, so that not only you, but your dogs, get to know them. Unlike other companies, they actually like your dogs to be around while they work, rather than being shut indoors.

In fact, what really sets DoodyCalls apart from other companies is that we are in this because we love dogs, so we want to help all dog owners to enjoy their experience. The one aspect of dog ownership you may not enjoy is dog waste removal. If you let us do it for you, you can guarantee a clean, happy and healthy environment for yourself and your family — and, of course, your dogs.

The Best Pooper Scooper Service Company in the Frisco Area

Our company provides various services to the whole Frisco area and adjacent communities in regards to property management, primarily in pet waste management arena. Our services include the following:

– We devise and administer pet waste management plans and provide our customers the freedom to choose the plan that works for them.
– We offer installation services and sell inexpensive pet waste stations.
– We collect pet waste and litter from every community common areas, such as parks, schools, and children’s playground.
– We sell environmentally-safe, doggie waste bags and offer various savings for these items.
– We provide cleaning and deodorizing services for areas requiring special attention.
– If you are planning to build a new pet park, our knowledgeable team will be to assist you in planning, implementation, and operation. We will even provide free training to ensure resident compliance and education is properly set.

If you are a property manager who gets complaints from your community residents repeatedly concerning scattered animal wastes, we have the perfect solution for you. We will clean your problem areas and deodorize it, if necessary, to rid of the putrid problems. Furthermore, we can set up a pet station in all relevant spaces in your community to prevent the waste issues from reoccurring.

Most people now have pets in their homes and these animals need to be nurtured and provided with the best of care to ensure their physical well-being. Of course, when animals are in the parks or playgrounds, they tend to create a dilemma with their unrestrained wastes. We are your best choice in resolving these concerns because we provide affordable management plans that will fit your budget. Our training team will come out to set it all up for you and afterwards, they will provide training to your whole management and staff on how to implement the waste management program. Our training services are also extendable to all the pet owners in your community so do not delay in contacting us to get your waste management program started.

There are many benefits in choosing our company to provide you the best pooper scooper service in the Frisco area, such as flexible programs and unrivaled customer service. We will respond to any issues you may have upon receiving your service call, rain or shine. Our customers are the bloodline of our business so we are willing to serve you above and beyond, not just for the purpose of keeping your business, but because we care. After all, we are also pet owners, thus we understand all the dynamics of waste management in all areas of the community.

Our company will take care of your waste management needs and our office is open daily, so what are you waiting for? Let us help you establish a waste-free and green environment that will last for generations to come. You love your pets and so do we; let us do the dirty work and clean up your community.

Dallas Dog Doody – Comprehensive Pet Waste Removal

Love your dog but hate cleaning up after it? If you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, call Dallas Dog Doody! Our friendly employees will come to your home and thoroughly clean and sanitize your lawn. You won’t have to worry about stepping in doggy doo any longer!

We are willing to service any area that needs it. We serve private residents, apartment complexes,home owner associations, parks, and playgrounds. If it’s in our local area, we will clean it!

At Dallas Dog Doody, we will treat you as a friend, not just a client. We value creating long-term, satisfying relationships with our customers. The same employee will arrive at your home each week. We will leave a bright yellow door hanger so that you will know that we were there. Bad weather won’t stop our employees – we will be there each time, rain or shine! Our employees are always uniformed and easy to recognize. Everyone at Dallas Dog Doody loves dogs and will treat your pet with affection. We are fully confident you will be completely pleased by our performance.

Dallas Dog Doody takes pet waste removal very seriously. Our tools are always sanitized and disinfected. Our technicians always keep your gate closed, so you won’t have to worry about your dogs or small children. Your dog’s waste is always completely eliminated. We also thoroughly sanitize decks and patios to ensure the prevention of disease. Our employees will treat you, your dog, and your yard with the utmost respect.

We’re not just for dogs! We provide a kitty litter removal service as well. Each week, we will replace your cat’s litter box with a fresh, clean new one. Cat lovers will adore Dallas Dog Doody as well!

Dallas Dog Doody provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely situation that you are not completely satisfied with our performance, all you need to do is call or email us within twenty-four hours and we will re-scoop your yard for free. We promise to beat any competitor’s price. No other pet waste removal company can offer you a better deal. You can’t go wrong.

For more information, visit Along with numerous useful tidbits about our company, our website also contains a Doggy Resource Guide and a blog. It’s a treasure trove of information for any dog lover!

We hope to welcome you to our family of clients. If you prepay for three months, you will receive a five percent discount. A six month prepay will earn you a ten percent discount. A whopping fifteen percent discount is given to clients that prepay for a year! Please contact us at 1-800-Doody Calls to get a free price quote. Or, if you prefer, you can email us at [email protected] We look forward to serving you!

Hiring a Dallas Pooper Scooper Service as a Gift

Whether it’s for the upcoming holiday season or a birthday, finding a useful and practical gift for the dog lover in your life can be difficult. However, offering to pay for a Dallas pooper scooper service is both a thoughtful and gracious gift. There are many different types of people for whom such a service will be gratefully appreciated.

The Working Professional

After spending eight or more hours a day at the office, who wants to come home and clean the yard? Professionals with dogs undoubtedly would prefer to spend their extra time jogging, walking or playing with their pets. If you have a workaholic on your gift list, offering a pooper scooper service might be just the ticket to preserving their free time.

The Elderly

If your grandparents or parents are edging into their senior years, cleaning up after the dog in the hot Dallas sun may be becoming too strenuous. This can be especially true if they own more than one dog. A pooper scooper service can help the elderly remain independent and keep their pet’s yard clean without all of the bending. Having a dog can help keep seniors active and healthy. Giving them the gift of a clean yard will ensure that the responsibilities do not outweigh the benefits.

Those Who Are Recovering or Ill

If your friend or family member is recovering from an accident or injury, limping around the yard to clean up after their dog may not be the best form of physical therapy. Those with lingering back injuries or mobility problems may find this task difficult as well. People suffering from a suppressed or compromised immune system may also need a pooper scooper service to avoid infections, as many patients are advised by their doctors not to handle animal feces for any reason. Hiring a service to help them keep the dog’s lawn tidy may be just the right gift during the recovery period and beyond.

New Parents

Those who have just welcomed a new baby may be feeling overwhelmed by all the new demands on their time. Learning to balance work, chores, the new child and the pets can take some time. Hiring a Dallas pooper scooper service can help the new parents check one more chore off their list. In a time of their life when tons of friends dispense advice, baby clothes and recipes, helping them save time on pet responsibilities can be an awesome and greatly appreciated gift.

As you can see, there are a lot of dog owners on your gift list who could use the services of a pooper scooper at their Dallas residence. Considering a practical and useful gift of service may just turn out to be the kind of gift the recipient was hoping for all along!

DoodyCalls: The Poop Scoop Service Fort Worth Residents Can Depend On

DoodyCalls is the best poop scoop service Fort Worth has to offer. This respected company has been providing superior service to customers in the DFW Metroplex area since 2007. DoodyCalls upholds the highest professional standards and is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Dog Waste Hazards

In addition to being an unsightly mess and causing an unpleasant odor, dog droppings carry some serious health risks. The fecal matter of dogs has been known to carry diseases and parasites such as heartworms, tapeworms, parvo and salmonellosis. Dogs can contract these diseases and parasites by eating feces or by simply stepping in contaminated droppings. Extremely high levels of bacteria are also present in dog feces. These problems can affect adult humans as well, but young children are even more susceptible to pet-borne illnesses due to their weaker immune systems.

Services Offered

Several franchised locations of DoodyCalls are open to serve customers. Apartments, living communities and other standard homes can easily be sanitized. One-time dog waste cleaning services as well as weekly, twice weekly, every other week and once a month cleanings can easily be arranged. All scooping tools are carefully sanitized before each cleaning in order to prevent the spread of parasites and diseases. Pooper scooper professionals are available to clean and deodorize yards, decks, patios and dog kennels. Even kitty litter boxes can be changed. Full customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. These services also do not require customers to sign any contracts.

Reasons for Hiring DoodyCalls

The professionals at DoodyCalls are highly trained and experienced in removing dog waste. Effective methods are employed in order to ensure the best cleaning services possible. Hiring these professionals is ideal for individuals who lead busy lives and do not have the time to thoroughly remove dog feces themselves. Dog owners who own multiple dogs may find it difficult to keep up with the task of cleaning up their pets’ waste on a regular basis. Plus, many people find the cleaning of dog feces to be an unpleasant task and may put off removing these potentially hazardous droppings. Hiring the seasoned scoopers at DoodyCalls saves people the hassle and stress of having to clean up after their dogs.

Stations and Waste Bags

DoodyCalls also offers pet waste stations and waste bags for sale. These items are ideal for living communities and homeowners’ associations who want to keep their grounds clean. Durable waste stations can hold large amounts of waste and are guaranteed not to rust. Bags are easy to use and are designed to fit any type of litter dispenser station.

DoodyCalls is always available to provide exemplary service to customers who live in the DFW Metroplex area. The company can be reached by telephone at 1-800-DoodyCalls. More information is also available at

Cleaning Up the Town with Grapevine Dog Poop Cleaners

Do you love spending time with your dog? Millions of people around the world know the pleasure that pets can bring to their lives. You probably enjoy just about every part of your lives together except for the pesky poop cleanup. Dog poop can be a real health concern not only for your dog but for people as well. Have you thought of having someone else take care of this chore for you? Maybe a service like Grapevine Dog Poop Cleaners can help.

A number of infectious agents can live in cat and dog fecal matter. These can range from tapeworms to the dreaded E. coli. Some of these agents can become infectious within a few days and remain that way for weeks. E. coli is common in the digestive tracts in animals but certain types can cause serious problems for humans. For children, some forms of E. coli damage kidneys and weaken the small intestine. (1)

The fecal matter from your pets can also pollute local water supplies. In some areas, when it is left on yards and sidewalks it can flow into storm drains and end up in lakes and rivers. This is one way E. coli can get into our water systems.

Hookworms are another concern. They are a parasite which humans can contract when they touch dog poop. This frequently happens when you step in it with bare feet and get squishy stuff between your toes. If that happens, you may have more concerns than it smelling bad and being a mess. Hookworms will tunnel through your skin and cause infection. Some of the systems of a hookworm infection are weight loss, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Maybe you have the poop in your yard because you don’t have time to shovel. Many people love having pets but are busy with work and family. You know it needs to be cleaned up, but you want a better solution.

What if you had someone come to your home or office once or twice a week and take care of the pet poop problem for you? What if you could hire a simple scooper service where you see the same person each time and you trust them to make sure your gates are closed to protect your pets and family?

Trust is such a simple word but it makes a big difference when it is earned. With Grapevine Dog Poop Cleaners you will have the same person come to your home once or twice a week; you decide the schedule. They will make sure your yard is properly secured when they leave and put a door hanger to let you know they’ve been there.

With this service, keeping your grass healthy and your pets and family safe has never been easier. Just think about how nice it will be to never have to worry about the poop in your yard again.