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Cleaning up behind cats and dogs can be a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Both dogs and cats can quickly soil an area in which they spend a great deal of time. Cats are slightly cleaner than dogs are in that they conduct self-cleaning. However, a pet owner has to be on top of housekeeping and yard work to prevent the situation from getting unsanitary. A pooper scooper Irving company is one that specializes in tidiness, cleanliness and courtesy for pet owners who are in over their heads so to speak. Such a company can provide a pet owner with the following services:

Yard Cleaning

Yard cleaning is something that every pet owner needs to do several times a week. The yard cleaning service begins with the specialist reviewing the area. Once the specialist reviews the area, that person will remove all the doody from the yard that has accumulate over time. Dogs make doodies everywhere they go, and a professional yard cleaning will keep the area clean so that kids can play in the yard. The specialist will scoop all of the surrounding doody and place it in a sanitary waste basket to be taken away.

Litter Box Service

Litter box service is something that every cat owner needs. A professional worker will come and take care of all the cat boxes that are in the house or at the business. The person will clean the litter box so that it does not smell or cause someone else to pick up an illness. Next, the person will replenish the missing kitty litter and make the box smell as good as it possibly can.


Deodorizing is something that the experts can do after cleaning the litter box. The process starts with cleaning and sanitizing, and it ends with everything smelling wonderfully fresh. A caring representative will conduct the deodorizing process as much as necessary to leave the area refreshed. Some jobs will only require one deodorizing session, and others may require two or three attempts. The amount of work that the company does depends on the severity of the odor.

Another service that may interest a pet owner is the lawn burn service. Lawn burn service is a special service that a company does to turn brown lawn spots into healthy green grass. An interested pet owner can find out more by inquiring.

Call Doody Calls When Duty Calls

Doody Calls is an example of a dedicated and experienced pooper scooper Irving Company. An interested person can schedule an appointment or request a quote by calling the number or completing an online form. The phone number to call is 1 800 366 3922. Someone will be delighted to offer a quote that is affordable and precise. The company’s main goal is to lessen the burden for pet owners who try to take care of everything themselves. The representatives want to give those people a rest from their doody responsibilities. Interested parties can call today for help.

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