Cleaning Up the Town with Grapevine Dog Poop Cleaners

Do you love spending time with your dog? Millions of people around the world know the pleasure that pets can bring to their lives. You probably enjoy just about every part of your lives together except for the pesky poop cleanup. Dog poop can be a real health concern not only for your dog but for people as well. Have you thought of having someone else take care of this chore for you? Maybe a service like Grapevine Dog Poop Cleaners can help.

A number of infectious agents can live in cat and dog fecal matter. These can range from tapeworms to the dreaded E. coli. Some of these agents can become infectious within a few days and remain that way for weeks. E. coli is common in the digestive tracts in animals but certain types can cause serious problems for humans. For children, some forms of E. coli damage kidneys and weaken the small intestine. (1)

The fecal matter from your pets can also pollute local water supplies. In some areas, when it is left on yards and sidewalks it can flow into storm drains and end up in lakes and rivers. This is one way E. coli can get into our water systems.

Hookworms are another concern. They are a parasite which humans can contract when they touch dog poop. This frequently happens when you step in it with bare feet and get squishy stuff between your toes. If that happens, you may have more concerns than it smelling bad and being a mess. Hookworms will tunnel through your skin and cause infection. Some of the systems of a hookworm infection are weight loss, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Maybe you have the poop in your yard because you don’t have time to shovel. Many people love having pets but are busy with work and family. You know it needs to be cleaned up, but you want a better solution.

What if you had someone come to your home or office once or twice a week and take care of the pet poop problem for you? What if you could hire a simple scooper service where you see the same person each time and you trust them to make sure your gates are closed to protect your pets and family?

Trust is such a simple word but it makes a big difference when it is earned. With Grapevine Dog Poop Cleaners you will have the same person come to your home once or twice a week; you decide the schedule. They will make sure your yard is properly secured when they leave and put a door hanger to let you know they’ve been there.

With this service, keeping your grass healthy and your pets and family safe has never been easier. Just think about how nice it will be to never have to worry about the poop in your yard again.

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