Frequently Asked Questions About Pooper Scooper Dallas Tx Services?

Frequently asked questions about pooper scooper dallas tx services?

A pooper scooper dallas tx company can actually clean up after your pet when he’s done his thing in your yard. As you well know, there are now strict regulations regarding the collection and disposal of pet waste in public as well as private areas in almost all US states. Violating the rules could result in hefty fines as well as impounding of your dog will your yard and the neighborhood has been disinfected. But spending about $25 will mean that you don’t have to worry about all that! This is exactly why you need the services of a pooper scooper dallas tx company and you need it right away. If you are still skeptical, here are a few frequently asked questions about pet services which should be able to help you out.

What is the average charge?
Most companies will charge about $15-$25 per visit depending on the pet size and the number of pets that you have. You can always ask them to come frequently but you will have to pay accordingly. As the company will send the same representative to clean your yard every time, your pet is accustomed to him or her. This means that you can also contract the same company to offer more services like pet feeds, dog walking and even dog sitting services if they are required. Almost all pooper scooper companies will offer additional pet related services which can be very useful for a pet owner who is frequently traveling or does not have the time to walk a pet.

How long does it take to clean a yard?
The company will evaluate your yard and remove all accumulated pet poop. They will then double bag the poop and remove it for storage and disposal. Ideally, all companies will then take the pet poop to bio-disposal center. They will then spray down your yard with water and a disinfecting solution. Urine burns and stains on grass and the yard work are removed with the help of special organic cleansers that will make the yard as clean and hygienic as possible. It takes about ten to twenty minutes to clean the yard and disinfect the area.

Do I need a contract?
Yes, you do. When you sign on the company you have to prepare a contract that will specify the time and payment that is made to the company. Most companies will visit the home they have contracted once or twice a week as specified. They will also visit the home more times if required. If you keep renewing the contract, the pet company will offer you a discount on your service and they will also offer additional perks.

Can the pet be left behind in the yard during the cleaning?
Yes you can. The pet is not harmed by the chemicals that are used in the cleaning process. However, this is possible only if the pet is not aggressive and does not attack the cleaner who comes in to do the service. It would be advisable to tie up the pet though as scoopers cannot work in areas where they are being harassed by an aggressive pet.

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