Pet waste stations are the most effective way for communities, cities, and apartments to curb pet waste problems.

Keep clean the ambient by throwing away the dogs pooComprised of a bag dispenser, waste bin and sign, pet waste stations help resident pet owners to do the right thing by making it easy to pick up fresh bags and drop off soiled ones. Introducing pet waste stations also communicates your position on dog waste to pet owners and non-pet owning residents alike.

When you choose DoodyCalls for pet waste station service and maintenance, you will never need to empty a pet waste station, replace litter bags or even inventory your supply of dog poop bags again.  This service is great for communities, cities, and apartment complexes.  Call us today to schedule and appointment and see how we can help you with pet waste issues.

Complete pet waste station service includes the following:

  • Emptying pet waste stations on a weekly basis (or as needed)
  • Picking up and removing all waste within a six-foot radius of pet waste stations
  • Restocking the dog poop bag dispensers each week with durable, high-quality dog waste bags
  • Maintaining an inventory of all supplies
  • Ensuring all stations are in good working order at all times and that no repairs are needed
  • Keeping track of station supply levels and making recommendations on service frequency as usage increases or decreases over time

Pet waste station maintenance is included with all regular service plans and includes the following:

  • Lubricating the locks
  • Tightening hardware
  • Performing repairs as necessary (labor included at no additional charge)

Ready to see how pet waste stations can improve pet waste pickup in your community? Our Customer Care Team is here to answer your questions seven days a week at 1.800.366.3922

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