Pooper Scooper Service in McKinney Can Make Your Life Stress-free & Sanitary

If you are dog owner with a busy schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the grueling task of the pooper scooper. With leash laws in place, your dog is not free to roam and when going on walks, the responsible owner must pick up after their companion pet. When it comes to your yard, excessive excrement can make the lawn and garden an unpleasant place to be as you tiptoe through the grass. A service of pooper scooper in McKinney can ensure that your yard is maintained as a safe and clean place for the family to enjoy.

The DoodyCalls pooper scooper service has been around, licensed and insured since 2007. It is economical and comparable to other services in your area and offers the price match guarantee; if you find the same service at a cheaper rate, they will honor that cost or beat it. Contracts with them may entail one or two visits per week to find, scoop and haul away your dog’s waste. How often they come depends on your needs and requirements.

The best tools of the trade are used to be sure everything is done in the most sanitary way as possible. The tools and boots worn are cleaned with the best EPA approved disinfectant. Dog kennels and dog runs are also cleaned up, deodorized and disinfected although no chemicals are ever applied to your lawn and yard.

After completing the pooper scooper clean up in McKinney, a door hanger is left to alert you that the service was performed, and we are adamant about closing all gates and/or locks, leaving your premises as they were before our arrival. Service is provided as promised weekly, rain or shine and to make the experience more personal, the same person assigned to your address will continue all subsequent visits. All technicians that perform the services are professional, well-mannered and friendly. The DoodyCalls pooper scooper service is 100 per cent guaranteed.

Services are not only for the single-family home owner but anyone in a community with common grounds that may have a problem with dog excrement. That could include a homeowners association, apartment complexes, condominiums and associations responsible for maintaining the lawns and exteriors of the properties.

Whether you are too busy to keep up with cleaning up after your dog or it is just not your favorite duty in doggy care, a pooper scooper service in McKinney can make your life a whole lot easier. Dog feces is not only messy and smelly, it can cause disease and attract parasites. Frequent and regular maintenance makes for a cleaner environment for yourself, your family and your dog. DoodyCalls is proud of the guaranteed, sanitary services that are provided to all clients who are invaluable to the success of the service.

Scheduling and billing are made easy once you have contracted the pooper scooper service. After an initial consultation, a day or days of service are contracted with you the customer that are carried out without fail. Either a notice of payment will be executed monthly through the mail or an email or you will be charged automatically on your credit card if that is your choice of payment. You can change or stop the service at any time.

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