Keller TX Residential Pet Waste Removal

If you don’t have a pet waste removal service acting as your pooper scooper, then chances are you’ve got dog waste that needs removal (in our experience, the chances are about 100%). With our local DoodyCalls Premier Pet Waste Removal Service, you can wash your hands of the whole pet waste removal process. Let professional dog pooper scoopers clean up your dog poop and make your lawn a fun, clean, safe place to be. We proudly service the city of Keller, Texas as well as most of DFW.

Some Keller dog owners are so busy that they do not clean up their yard of dog poop very often. An accumulation of pet waste quickly ruins an outdoor space. People in Keller who decide to spend time in the backyard not only have to endure the unpleasant smell of pet waste but they also need to watch every step so that they do not step in poop. Keller residents who have their yard cleaned of waste by professionals do not have to worry about any unpleasant odors and they can walk around their backyard freely.

Our Keller clients receive the most thorough poop-scooping and litter removal service, and we always take the pet waste away! We also deodorize decks and patios and clean kennels and dog runs. All DoodyCalls technicians are well-mannered, professional, and friendly. Technicians always sanitize their tools, and they leave a bright green door hanger letting you know we were there.

We back all of our service with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Our friendly team members are committed to making your life more enjoyable
  • We are the nation’s most well known and trusted pet waste removal service and we want to be your super duper pooper scoopers!
  • We offer twice weekly, weekly, every other week, once a month, and one-time pet waste removal, whichever suites you best.
  • Fully insured and our super duper pet pooper scoopers are always in uniform
  • We carefully disinfect our tools to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites or diseases.
  • Discounts available to Keller residents who pre-pay in advance.
  • There are NEVER any contracts for you to sign!
  • At DoodyCalls we are fully committed to honesty, integrity, and being the best. To this end we stand behind our pooper scooper services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your services simply call us within 24 hours and we will send someone out to re-clean your pet waste for FREE!
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