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Your community shares a lot: pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, and the messy problem of dog poop in common areas. Maybe you don’t even own a dog, but you do own the problem of managing pet waste in your community. Dog waste is not only messy, smelly, and unsightly, but it is also a health concern. Dog waste carries worms and diseases that can affect your family and your pets as well as the environment. An unresolved dog poop problem in your community can also decrease real estate values, after all who would chose to live in a dirty community over a clean one? Not to mention that dog waste is a tremendous food source for rats!

Controlling dog poop in communities is often a hot topic of discussion at community meetings across the country, so your community is not alone. Dogs don’t pick up after themselves, and sometimes owners don’t either, and that’s where we come in.

DoodyCalls is the recognized industry leader in managing pet waste for communities, homeowners associations, apartments, and condominiums. No matter what your pet waste problem is, we have a clean and affordable solution.


We provide the following services to property managers all over the DFW area and beyond:

  • DoodyCalls will work with property managers to create & implement complete pet waste management plans.
  • We sell, install and service high quality and affordable pet waste stations.
  • We sell doggie waste bags in both a “roll” and “mitt” style. Save up to 66% by using DoodyCalls waste bags
  • We pick up dog waste & litter from all community common areas.
  • We can clean and deodorize special areas as needed.
  • We can even assist with the planning of a new dog park.
  • We will work directly with management to drive resident compliance, responsibility, and education.

DoodyCalls can help keep your community from going to the dogs!

Call or e-mail us today, & request your
FREE, No-Obligation community audit.

You may not think you have an issue with pet waste, litter, etc., but after we get done, you will know for sure!

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